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We’re a local and affordable stair lift company providing quality straight stairlifts in the mid west.

Introducing The Acorn Superglide Straight Stairlift

When it comes to reliability and price, the Acorn Superglide 130 straight stair lift is the ideal solution for houses that have a straight stairs without any bends or curves. Sometimes referred to as a “Chairlift”, our straight stairlifts offer the highest reliability in it’s class and can be installed around Limerick, Clare and Galway quickly and efficiently.

Our Acorn Superglide stair lift offers smooth ride quality which is thanks to the unique rail profile and chassis which works in conjunction with a low power consumption rack and pinion drive system.

It’s easy to assume any straight stairlift installed is fitted to the wall, however that couldn’t be further than the truth. The great thing about our stairlifts is that they do not mount to any wall and are firmly screwed down with several strong brackets down to the stairs itself. It’s clean and easy to install and can be done quite quickly with a complete demonstration on using it after installation.

Get in touch with us if you require a straight stairlift in Limerick, Clare or Galway and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote.

All our straight chair lifts come with a range of features including: 2 x remote controls, smooth start/stop, manual swivel seat, fold up seat, arms and footrest, safety sensors, maintenance free battery power, digital status display, lock-out key, electronic and mechanical braking.

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